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If you are coming in for a procedure or need any information, please read the information below.

Patient Information

  • Contact your medical aid fund for pre-authorisation regarding your hospitalisation.

  • Admission without such an authorisation can have serious financial implications.

  • A motivational letter is often required by the medical aid / medical scheme for certain procedures. This letter must be obtained from your doctor, prior to admission.

  • Patients Belonging To A Registered Medical Aid Fund

  • Hospital tariffs are charged according to the benefit scale. Some medical aid funds do require their members to pay part of incurred costs.

  • We recommended that you get prior authorisation regarding:

  • Costs that will be covered

  • Authorisation regarding hospitalisation

  • Maximum benefits or exclusions which might be applicable

  • Benefit restrictions regarding prosthesis and instrumentation

  • Patients Not Belonging To A Medical Aid Fund

  • An advance payment equalling the estimated costs of your account will be payable on admission. Please contact the Hospital reception regarding any enquiries about your hospitalisation.

  • The hospital account does not include any other incurred costs e.g. for services rendered by your doctor, anaesthetist, radiologist, pathologist, etc. Please contact the Hospital regarding advance payments prior to your admission.

  • Unless otherwise instructed by your doctor, patients must not eat or drink anything for at least six hours prior to admission.

  • If you have a cold, fever, rash or if you are simply not feeling very well, contact your doctor immediately as he may wish to postpone your operation.

  • Please note that the time you are asked to report to the hospital will differ from the time at which your operation actually takes place. This is done to facilitate the time allocation for the theatres as well as to accommodate emergencies and variances, which occur from time to time.

  • Please prepare yourself for a waiting period and bring reading matter or something else to keep yourself occupied.

  • After you have completed the registration form at reception you may be requested to wait for a while in the waiting room until our ward staff collects you.

  • Once you are in the ward you will be handed a theatre gown and a dressing gown. Your own clothes will be placed beside you, in the bed locker.

  • Our nursing staff is trained to assist you in preparing for your operation. Please feel free to ask them anything you wish and to share any fears and uncertainties you might have.

  • After your operation you will recuperate in the ward. The minimum period of stay for day patients will be for one hour and can be extended depending on your reaction to the anesthetic and the type of procedure performed. Patients undergoing more major procedures should check with their doctor as to the likely duration of their stay.

  • Please report at reception.
  • If you are going to be late please call us and your doctor as soon as possible, to enable us to make alternative arrangements.
  • Medical aid authorisation number

  • Identity document

  • Medical aid card

  • Minors (under 18 years old) should be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian

  • X-rays, if applicable

  • Chronic and / or current medication (to be handed to ward charge sister)

  • It is advisable not to bring any jewellery, valuable articles, large amounts of money or firearms. The hospital doesn’t take responsibility for the safekeeping of these articles.

  • We do ask visitors to adhere to visiting times, which enable:
  • Our patients to have the required rest they need
  • Time for doctor’s rounds
  • Time for treatment
  • Time for housekeeping routines
  • Infection control
  • Please do not sit on the beds, ask for a chair if needed.


What makes you better, makes us better.

The Daymed Medical Centre and Private Hospital is an ultra-modern private and registered hospital which offers a full and comprehensive range of medical services to all sectors of the community at affordable prices.
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